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Joey Camilleri, Professional Organisers

About Creating Positive Spaces

​Creating Positive Spaces is a professional organising business based in Melbourne, Australia. My focus is to get people organised, but more importantly, give them:

  • freedom and control 

  • less stress and anxiety 

  • calmness 

  • time to focus on their goals and values

  • a safe space to live and work

  • less time cleaning and looking for stuff 

  • and more time to do the fun things

My Mission
My mission is to improve people's wellbeing by organising their lives.

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Who I Support

Creating Positive Spaces supports people and businesses who struggle, feel overwhelmed, or stressed with clutter and disorganisation. I work with clients to establish creative organising solutions that meet their needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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Joey Camilleri - Professional Organiser.

My Approach

I take a calm, non-judgemental approach to organising. And acknowledge that everyone learns and organises in different ways which is why I create organising solutions that are tailored to individual needs. I ensure that organising solutions work for each client rather than creating spaces that look good but aren't functional or sustainable.

​You will always be in control of the organising process; you set the plan and the organising goals you want to achieve. And I will not make you throw things out, what items stay and what goes will be your choice, my job is to support you to make the right decision. 

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My Values

​Client-focused: Organising solutions must meet the needs of the client and must be sustainable. 

Sustainable: Working with clients to ensure organising solutions have little impact on the environment.

Safety: Guaranteeing clients feel safe during the organising process. 

Inclusion: I respect all people from all walks of life with different organising challenges. 

Joey Camilleri, Professional Organisers

My Experience 

I started my professional organising business in 2016. Since then I've worked with people who are living with Chronic Disorganisation, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Acquired Brain Injury, Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other physical and mental health challenges. 

Before running my professional organising business full time, I'd spent 10 years working in corporate positions. I've had experience working in both Australian and international organisations working in superannuation, financial services, retail agriculture and retail energy. While I've had different roles during my corporate career, the one skill that they have all required is strong organisational skills. I have organised leadership programs for 200 participants while working at Ernst and Young. To more recently managing the organisation of business documentation at AGL. Organising has always been part of my work, long before starting my own professional organising business.

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Qualifications, Certificates & Professional Membership

Qualifications & Certificates 

  1. Level 2: ADHD Organising Specialist - ICD - 2020

  2. Level 1: Certificate of Study in ADHD - ICD - 2019 

  3. Hoarding Home Solutions for Independent Service Providers Course - Hoarding Home Solutions - 2019

  4. Level 1: Certificate of Study in Students and Learning Theories - ICD - 2018

  5. Level 1: Certificate Of Study in Chronic Disorganisation -  ICD - 2018 

  6. Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies - Victoria University - 2015

  7. Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, RMIT University - 2012 

  8. Bachelor of Business: Human Resource Management, Victoria University - 2010


Professional Membership

Institute for Challenging Disorganisation (ICD)

National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals(NAPO).

Joey Camilleri, Professional Organisers

A Little Bit More About Joey

I have a strong love for coffee and hot chips.  When I'm not organising I like to visit op shops, and markets, do some home styling, keep fit and do the occasional acting or improv class. If you want to know even more click here.

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