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The Challenges

Keeping your digital and hardcopy documents and paperwork organised can be challenging; after all, we now live in the information era, which means information is everywhere.


There can be information:

  • on your computer (or computers);

  • on your phones or tablets;

  • piled on your desk;

  • shoved in your filing cabinet, boxes and other drawers. 

You can easily feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious at the very thought of having to manage digital documents or paperwork.  

Are you struggling with:

  • piles of paperwork all over the home or office and don't know where to begin to get them organised?

  • having multiple USBs, hard drives, and other devices and have no idea what is on them? 


  • knowing what information, you have stored on the cloud. Or struggle to understand what the cloud is and how it works? 

  • wanting to get your information and paperwork organised but don't know where to start?

  • keeping your information safe, secure, and backed up?

Image by Niclas Illg

The Solutions

The good news!

I can help you to get your digital content and paperwork organised. Creating Positive Spaces works with you to gain control and organisation over digital files and paperwork.  I work with you to develop digital and paperwork organising systems to meet your needs. 

My organising solutions can involve: 

  • assessing your current digital and paperwork systems and offer recommendations on how to improve the organisation of your information;

  • working with you to create new systems to improve the management of digital and paper files; 

  • decluttering and organising digital files and paperwork;


  • establishing filing systems;


  • setting up systems to back up your files to ensure that information is never lost;


  • training and upskilling you to use systems such as Microsoft OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, Google Drive and other digital storage tools;


  • bringing order to your digital world so you can stop feeling like you have multiple browsers open.

All organising solutions are tailored to you, meet your needs, and designed to be sustained in the long term.

Image by True Agency

The Benefits

Through establishing efficient digital documentation and paperwork systems, you will: 


  • gain more control over your information;

  • no longer feel overwhelmed by digital and paper clutter;

  • have less stress as you will know where your critical information is stored; 

  • become more productive and focused as you will know where your information is—no more wasted time trying to find where things are;

  • be able to retrieve information when you need it quickly;

  • have peace of mind knowing that your information is safe, secure and backed up. 

Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya

Contact Joey

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about how I can help you get your digital documentation and paperwork organised.

Phone: 0401 149 185

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