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My name is Joey Camilleri. And I’m a professional organiser.  Which I’m guessing you already knew. Anyway, this is an about me page so here is my professional organising story.

Joey Camilleri, Professional Organisers

Life Before Professional Organising

I would love to say that I was always working as a professional organiser, but that is not the case. After graduating from high school in 2001, I commenced a career in hospitality starting off as an events attendant at a conferencing venue and later working at a coffee shop at Melbourne Airport.  Working in hospitality was hard work, but I got to work with some lovely and interesting people. I even served many celebrities as they passed through Melbourne Airport. I once made a long black for Keith Urban and sold a caramel slice to Chopper Read. But after 5 years of either waking up well before the crack of dawn or getting home well after dark, I was done with hospitality, I was ready for a change.

A New Career but Not as a Professional Organiser

In 2006 I started to explore the idea of becoming a professional organiser. Why? For the simple reason that I was always good at organising and I loved doing it, so why not do this as a job. Well, after doing some research I didn’t discover any organisations in Australia offering employment in this field, and the idea of running my own business never crossed my mind.  Sadly, the idea of becoming a professional organiser was put to rest.

So, instead, I decided to pursue a career in business, I knew I could get a good job and earn good money in the corporate sector. And in 2007, I commenced a Bachelor of Business in Human Resources at Victoria University. I was now in my mid-20s and full time /"mature age" uni student. During my second year of university, I was successful at obtaining a full-time internship working in a human resources team at a superannuation company. I would commence my internship the following year.


In April 2009 my corporate career had begun. My corporate career would see me working in financial services, retail agriculture and retail energy; specialising in human resources, training and development and more recently knowledge management. I completed my human resources degree in 2011, and also went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies in 2016. 

Despite my corporate success, there was something else I desired more, I still wanted to be a professional organiser

Becoming a Professional Organiser

In early 2016, 10 years after I put the idea of becoming a professional organiser to rest, I decided to explore it again. 

This time things were different. 

I discovered the Australian Association of Professional Organising (AAPO) - I had hit the jackpot. AAPO would be a great support in helping me to establish my professional organising business. After attending a couple of AAPO meetings, I decided to become a member and start my own professional organising business. In July 2016 Creating Positive Spaces is born.


Creating Positive Spaces would start off as a side hustle that I would do on weekends while I continued to work a full-time corporate job. My early work as an organiser saw me focusing on supporting friends and family as well as blogging on all things decluttering and organising.

I started to obtain a few weekend clients, and one thing I learned and witnessed very quickly was the overwhelm people were facing with all the clutter and disorganisation they were living with. And the role that emotional, mental, and physical health challenges play on a person’s organisations/disorganisation. I made a critical discovery that would shape the future direction of my business; organising is more about the person than the stuff.

Taking Time Out

I knew that if I were going to be able to support people to overcome their organising challenges, I would need to gain a better understanding of the mental and physical difficulties people face that impacts their organisation/disorganisation. So, in 2018 I decided to remove myself from the business to spend some time on training to enable me to become a better professional organiser.


In March 2018 I completed professional organiser training with Angela Esnouf from Creating Order from Chaos. In April 2018 I became a member of the Institute of Challenging Disorganisation (ICD). ICD provides resources and support relating to chronic disorganisation. A key focus of ICD is to give professional organisers a better understanding of how brain-based challenges impact organising skills. Through ICD I completed
level 1 certificates of study in chronic disorganisation and students and learning theories.

Taking time out from the business to focus on my professional development was a great decision and investment. My knowledge and skills in professional organising have grown remarkably and am now more able to support my clients in overcoming their organising challenges. 

Creating Positive Spaces Is Reborn 

Running a business while working a full-time job was not easy. I knew that to better support more people and to grow my business I needed to step back from corporate life. In October 2018 I made the big decision to go part-time in my corporate job. With more time and a greater insight into the professional organising industry, I’m now much better able to support my clients.  Today, I assist clients to overcome their organising challenges focusing on helping people with physical and mental health challenges to get organised and more importantly live better lives.


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